Our Mission

CSITI (pronounced "c-city") is a startup project providing IT support to organizations that assist underserved populations in Centre County.  Bridging the digital divide through equipment drives and educational programs.

How to Help

If you are a local company retiring outmoded equipment (laptops, tablets, routers, switches, etc), contact us before you send it to e-cycle.  Items that can be refurbished will be utilized in our program. 

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Penn State College of IST
IST Alumna's Startup Brings
Technology to the Underserved

July 31, 2019

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Centre Daily Times
Out of the Cold: Centre County
Opens Day Shelter for Area Homeless

March 1, 2020

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The "Killer B's" - Binary, Bits & Bytes

Did you ever wonder what all those strange tech terms mean?

Join us for a workshop that will answer your questions in a way that is entertaining and educational!! 

Place Chip “A” into Slot “B”

Where in blue blazes is that slot?!?

What do computers, tablets and cell phones look like on the inside?

Our “hands-on” lab will help you find out!!

Packing Your Stuff & Navigating Traffic

You can get there from here!

Ever wonder what happens when you "surf the web"?

We'll show you what happens behind the scenes!

Stranger Danger!

Things aren't always what they appear!

Viruses, malware, and pop-ups are part of the internet.

We'll explain what they are and how to stop them.

Keep Your Head Up &
Look For Blue Light Specials!!

Nope, we are not referring to the good old days at K-Mart!

Learn to manage screen time and light settings to avoid eye strain and posture issues.

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